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by: King & Spalding

Gas is a key source of energy supply to Europe, and plays a fundamental role in Europe’s energy supply mix. Europe is a net importer of gas, which enters Europe in one of two ways: as natural gas which is transported via pipeline, or as liquefied natural gas (LNG) which is regasified in an LNG import (or regasification) terminal. This report provides an overview of the large-scale LNG import terminals in Europe today – existing, under construction and planned – and the services provided at Europe’s existing LNG import terminals.Read more

by: S. Shawn Stephens

A Texas court of appeals held that an energy company did not waive the attorney/client privilege through the offensive use doctrine when it filed a lawsuit against the purchasers of properties for their failures to provide the company with . . . Read more

by: Philip Weems

LNG disputes are on the rise across the globe due to many factors. These disputes involve many types of parties, including buyers, sellers, project sponsors, customers, and governments. This article explores the nature of disputes that are becoming more frequent in the LNG industry.Read more

by: Philip Weems and Nina Howell

Special consideration must be given to Unitization and Unit Operating Agreements where the gas to be produced from the unitized area will be liquefied and exported as LNG, especially as it may relate to issues of scope, redetermination, adjustments, voting threshold rights, default and withdrawal.Read more

by: Mehdi Haroun and Nora Djeraba

Morocco is turning to LNG as it looks to further diversify its energy mix. This article explores the origin of Morocco’s national development plan for LNG in 2014, the main steps and intended schedule of this plan, and potential challenges.Read more

by: Philip Weems

Overview of the history and potential impact of North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa in LNG export and import projects, delivered at the King and Spalding Africa Oil and Gas Conference in Houston, Texas Read more

by: Philip Weems

Philip R. Weems February 9, 2016Read more

by: Monica Hwang and Philip Weems

This article was published by Oil & Gas Journal in June 6, 2016.Read more

by: Michael Andrews, James Bowe and Lauren Donoghue

House and Senate leaders are expected to conference and attempt to reach to reach a compromise on their respective energy bills. This could result in the first comprehensive energy bill in nine years, and one that includes key LNG provisions.Read more

by: Michael Andrews, James Bowe, Thomas Spulak and Claudia Hrvatin

The Senate recently passed the Energy Policy Modernization Act, a bipartisan, broad based energy bill focusing on all forms of energy production and policies. The LNG industry, in particular, stands to benefit from key provisions in the bill.Read more