by: Monica Hwang and Philip Weems

This article was published by Oil & Gas Journal in June 6, 2016.Read more

by: Philip Weems

Energy partner Philip Weems discussed the future of Global Gas at a recent client event held at our Moscow office on June 8, 2016.Read more

by: Benjamin Pollock and William Burns

Construction claims benefit from an early and thorough evaluation. This article explores key steps in investigating and assessing a claim, including assembling the proper team, preparing the written record, and determining whether to pursue a claim.Read more

by: Alex Blomfield and Jessica Trevellick

The recent English decision in J Murphy & Sons v Beckton Energy Ltd provides a cautionary tale of the potential unintended consequences of amending FIDIC provisions in a construction contract. This casenote explores the law of liquidated damages in construction disputes under English law.Read more

by: James Bowe and William Rice

FERC recently granted a company a two-year extension of time to construct a previously authorized underground natural gas storage expansion project. In doing so FERC signals that it is inclined to entertain opposition to the construction of natural gas infrastructure which continues to be expressed long after FERC has made its environmental determinations and issued an order authorizing project construction. Read more

by: Philip Weems and Nina Howell

Cross-border unitization and unit operating agreements present unique challenges not ordinarily found in similar agreements pertaining to fields wholly within a single government’s jurisdiction. This article identifies some of these challenges in the context of the AIPN Model Unit Agreement.Read more

by: Cynthia AM Stroman

EPA’s recently issued final rule on methane emissions from the oil and gas industry demonstrates EPA’s preference for newer technologies over more traditional emissions control methods.Read more

by: Leroy Levy

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 represents the Kingdom’s vision for life without crude oil. This article explores key details of Vision 2030 and potential challenges for its implementation.Read more

by: Michael Andrews, James Bowe and Lauren Donoghue

House and Senate leaders are expected to conference and attempt to reach to reach a compromise on their respective energy bills. This could result in the first comprehensive energy bill in nine years, and one that includes key LNG provisions.Read more

by: Andrew Stakelum, Anisha Sud, Carol Wood and Tracie Renfroe

Remediation standards in domestic and international oilfield disputes are often hotly disputed issues. This article previously published in Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs addresses the significance of remediation standards and how various jurisdictions and arbitration tribunals have considered the issue.Read more