by: Khaled Dahlawi and Nina Howell

The UK Government is dependent on continued investment from oil companies to ensure production from remaining North Sea reserves. That investment is threatened by an unexpected tax increase on North Sea production in the government’s 2011 Budget.Read more

by: Suzanne Rab

UK energy regulator, Ofgem, has announced a series of reforms to force open electricity and gas markets. They represent the government’s most significant attempts yet to encourage competition in these sectors.Read more

by: Susanna Marshall

UK shale gas industry receives a boost after the Energy & Climate Change Committee concludes a moratorium on fracking is unnecessary and finds no evidence that the process poses a risk to groundwater.Read more

by: Tim Burbury

Public-Private-Partnerships have the potential to become the new standard for “District Energy” (centralized heating and cooling plant) deals in the Middle East. PPPs differ from traditional models in that a private sector partner undertakes to finance system expenses.Read more

by: Philip Weems and David I. Lavery

The LNG trade has evolved over past years to become a crucial segment to many economies.Read more

by: Cynthia AM Stroman

Oil and gas drilling in the United States has used hydraulic fracturing techniques for more than 60 years. The Society of Petroleum Engineers estimates that more than one million fracturing procedures... Read more

by: Elizabeth Silbert and Caline Mouawad

Various forms of interim relief issued by tribunals in recent years suggest that claimants in energy-related arbitrations should strongly consider whether their needs would be met by a well-developed interim measures request.Read more

by: Philip Weems

The Asia-Pacific region is one of the most active gas exploration, production and distribution markets in the world. Rapid economic growth in the region, particularly in China, has led to an increased demand for energy and has spurred the hunt for additional sources of gas supply. Recent technological advances are making certain conventional and unconventional gas reserves in the region economically viable for the first time, and visionary Asian governments are taking an active role in developing the infrastructure required to produce, distribute, market, import and use these resources. Read more

by: Philip Weems

In this article, originally published in Pipeline Dubai in 2010, K&S attorneys discuss the future of LNG supply to world markets. Can Qatar retain its crown, or will new projects in Australia knock it off the supplier’s top spot?Read more

by: Philip Weems

After years in the doldrums, LNG transportation is on the rise. LNG importers and exporters acted quickly in recent years to secure rights to the few remaining available LNG tankers. Although some LNG sellers and buyers elected to acquire ownership of LNG vessels, often companies in need of LNG transport chose to enter into long-term time charters with a shipowner.Read more