by: Crayton L. Bell

Private equity participation in U.S. shale plays has increased as the economy recovers and lease-owners are needing development capital to retain their interests.Read more

by: Nina Howell

The UK's Bribery Act significantly strengthens the UK's position on bribery and corruption. Commentators believe that oil and gas is the most likely industry sector to be investigated.Read more

by: Thomas Gutting and David L. Schwan

On July 9, King & Spalding hosted its quarterly Energy Forum, focusing on the rapidly evolving field of shale energy production. Hydraulic fracturing technology has opened enormous new shale energy resources, creating a multitude of opportunities and potential risks as industry and regulators adapt to the evolving shale gas industry.Read more

by: Jeffrey Telep and Jasper Wauters

Government support plays a crucial role in the development of renewable energy sources, including wind and solar. Recently, two such government support programs were challenged before the World Trade Organization (“WTO”) as being discriminatory and in violation of the rules of the WTO Subsidies Agreement.Read more

by: David Tewksbury and Stephanie Lim

FERC's order implementing new demand response regulations in wholesale energy is generating worries among many in the industry who feel it gives demand response resources preferential treatment.Read more

by: Tim Engel

The U.S. Department of the Interior's Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) is requesting public comments through July 28, 2011, on potentially sweeping changes in the way oil and gas is valued for royalty purposes.Read more

by: Tim Engel and Timothy J. Sullivan

Dodd-Frank's amendment of the Commodities Exchange Act has spurred efforts by the CFTC to aggressively expand its view of jurisdiction over alleged market manipulation.Read more

by: C. Brannon Robertson and Jeremiah Anderson

Larger companies or private equity groups often buy smaller companies by offering minority interests to owners. Buyers need to be wary of potential problems, especially when the new majority owner later decides to sell the purchased company.Read more

by: Khaled Dahlawi and Nina Howell

The UK Government is dependent on continued investment from oil companies to ensure production from remaining North Sea reserves. That investment is threatened by an unexpected tax increase on North Sea production in the government’s 2011 Budget.Read more

by: Suzanne Rab

UK energy regulator, Ofgem, has announced a series of reforms to force open electricity and gas markets. They represent the government’s most significant attempts yet to encourage competition in these sectors.Read more