by: Philip Weems and Denis Fallon

Recent amendments to The Convention of Liability for Maritime Claims 19 November 1976 increase the liability that a shipowner must pay out in the event of an accident by approximately 51 percent.Read more

by: Susanna Marshall

The UK government recently implemented regulations permitting fees to be charged for considering and issuing certain authorizations required of petroleum exploration and production licensees.Read more

by: Kevin Conway and Nina Howell

The UK government has issued a consultation to solicit views on tax incentives and other measures aimed at encouraging early investment in shale gas exploration and exploitation.Read more

by: Alexandra Rotar and Jennifer Josefson

The last two years have seen a boom in Russian Arctic oil and gas development projects. New amendments to Russia's continental shelf body of law address concerns related to inherent risks involved in deep water development.Read more

by: Jonathan Marsh

Within a matter of just a few days, the federal courts put an end to climate change litigation, including one case that had originated in 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.Read more

by: Jennifer Price

Designating the seat of arbitration is one of the most important elements of an effective international commercial arbitration agreement.Read more

by: Benjamin Pollock

Two recent decisions indicate that Texas courts are likely to examine common carrier status more closely when landowners challenge a pipeline company's ability to secure easements by eminent domain.Read more

by: Russell Blythe

Whether a patented product is marked as such can have a dramatic effect on preserving – or avoiding – substantial damages in patent infringement litigation. This aspect of patent law should not be overlooked by patent owners, or those accused of infringement.Read more

by: Nina Howell

A new draft Petroleum Law, by attracting foreign investment into Turkey's energy sector, should help Turkey increase exploration in territorial waters, increase domestic production, and reduce the country's dependence on imports of oil and gas.Read more

by: Keith Townsend, Matthew Bozzelli and Jeffrey H. Perry

The SEC released twelve frequently asked questions in an effort to provide guidance on various aspects of the conflict minerals rules, including guidance important to mining operators as well as pipeline and transmission companies. Read more