by: Nina Howell

A new draft Petroleum Law, by attracting foreign investment into Turkey's energy sector, should help Turkey increase exploration in territorial waters, increase domestic production, and reduce the country's dependence on imports of oil and gas.Read more

by: Keith Townsend, Matthew Bozzelli and Jeffrey H. Perry

The SEC released twelve frequently asked questions in an effort to provide guidance on various aspects of the conflict minerals rules, including guidance important to mining operators as well as pipeline and transmission companies. Read more

by: Cynthia AM Stroman and Cameron Norris

The Court's decision will have major implications for the energy sector and help shape the regulatory landscape regarding interstate air pollution for the foreseeable future.Read more

by: Jeffrey H. Perry and Tim Engel

An Inspector General report evaluating coal leasing activities overseen by the Bureau of Land Management noted "weaknesses" in the lease sale process that put the government "at risk of not receiving full value for coal leases." Read more

by: Cynthia AM Stroman

The President's new Climate Action Plan is long on ambitious goals and short on details, but clearly will impact businesses in the energy sector.Read more

by: J. Michael Taylor, Mark Wasden, Bonnie Byers and Patrick Togni

A Buy American provision would mandate the use of American iron, steel, and manufactured goods in certain water resources projects.Read more

by: John Keffer and David Phua (潘永光)

Key issues and considerations arise in relation to shareholder agreements for parties responsible for owning and operating LNG processing facilities.Read more

by: Louis-Alexis Bret

Two recent arbitral decisions have confirmed that key aspects of modern energy trading fall within the scope of investment treaty protection. Read more

by: Joshua Snead

Historically low energy prices in the United States have provided incentives to global manufacturers to expand their operations in the United States. Read more

by: Cynthia AM Stroman

A careful look at the Department of Energy's recent order granting conditional authorization of the Freeport LNG Export Project through an "environmental lens" magnifies some hints for applicants in future projects.Read more