by: Michael Andrews

The U.S. House of Representatives recently voted to end the 40-year-old ban on the export of domestic crude oil. The Senate will next consider the issue and President Obama has vowed to veto any bill that would end the ban. Read more

by: Lynn Kerr McKay and Bruce Hurley

A recent compendium of findings on the alleged harms of fracking and radon gas provides another opportunity for practitioners to emphasize the importance of using actual measurements rather than estimates to inform statements about risk. Past estimates were often unsupported or contrary to data, and generated artificial and inflated risks. Read more

by: Jia Hoe and Simon Dunbar

In recent years Hong Kong and Singapore have emerged as leading global centres for dispute resolution as a result of legislative changes, arbitration rules revisions, and the opening of new state-of-the-art facilities for mediation and arbitration.Read more

by: Amy Frey and Christopher Smith

Favorable incentive programs encouraged foreign and domestic investment in European alternative energy projects. However, some European countries have retroactively modified these programs significantly, impairing these investments. International investment treaties provide an avenue for some investors to recover their damages.Read more

by: Merrick White and Richard Nelson

King & Spalding advises Ramba Energy Limited on its farm-out of a 35% participating interest in the Lemang PSC to Mandala Energy and the farm-in of a 15% participating interest in the Lemang Block from Eastwin Global Investments Limited.Read more

by: David Phua (潘永光)

A breach of an energy commodity contract can give rise to substantial losses. These losses may be either consequential or direct losses; and the manner in which these losses are classified may affect their recoverability.Read more

by: Adrian Talamantes and Alex Blomfield

Mexico has recently published its first regulations affecting the wholesale electricity market.. These regulations are an important step in implementing a modern and competitive wholesale market in Mexico.Read more

by: Cynthia AM Stroman

EPA’s recently proposed RCRA amendments will impact energy companies in different ways. Some companies will benefit from the ability to consolidate intra-company waste under the proposed regulations. Other companies may incur increased operating costs to comply with the proposed waste labelling requirements.Read more

by: Mark Francis

The recent disclosure of more than 150 successful cyber intrusions into the Department of Energy’s computer systems between 2010 and 2014 highlights the risks posed by cyber-attacks against the energy sector.Read more

by: Tim Burbury

Three years ago, we predicted the global rise of the district energy sector.[1] The key drivers at the time were energy efficiency savings of up to 70% and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. However,... Read more