by: Mark Francis, Phyllis Sumner and Nicholas Oldham

This article was written by Nicholas A. Oldham, Phyllis B. Sumner and Mark H. Francis. Nick Oldham is a former federal prosecutor with significant experience handling matters stemming from cybersecurity... Read more

by: Jennifer Josefson and Alexandra Rotar

In recent years the Russian Government has passed legislation and promoted investment in the Russian Far East. Most notably, Russia has established the Vladivostok Free Port and identified other territories for accelerated development, each receiving certain tax and other investment benefits. Read more

by: James Vines, Joseph Eisert, Martha Buttry Daniels and Michael Clements

OSHA recently published a revised manual instructing its inspectors on how they should conduct work site investigations. With recent government and media attention on the increased rate of fatalities and injuries at exploration and production work sites, the energy industry should take notice of these changes and prepare for increased OSHA scrutiny.Read more

by: Philip Weems, Nick Kouvaritakis and Richard Nelson

The FSRU market has grown exponentially in the past decade. This article explores the key drivers behind this growth how we expect the market to evolve in the future.Read more

by: Rory Connor and Alex Blomfield

Solar photovoltaic projects often require significant performance testing periods that extend beyond the construction of a facility. As a result, EPC contracts require special consideration as to how performance guarantees and remedies are structured.Read more

by: Daniel Rogers and David Phua (潘永光)

Long term LNG sale and purchase agreements have historically used the take-or-pay contract structure. The emergence of new and, often, less credit worthy buyers should cause sellers to examine the potential benefits of a cargo-by-cargo structure in these long term agreements.Read more

by: Ruxandra Lazar

“Gabon remains unexplored” is the conclusion of the Société Equatoriale des Mines (“SEM”), a wholly-owned State company created in 2011 to facilitate the development of the country’s natural... Read more

by: Ruxandra Lazar

In 2014 nuclear power generated more than 75% of France’s energy. A new law now caps nuclear energy at no more than 50% and creates an uncertain mechanism for reducing the current level of nuclear energy.Read more

by: Michael Andrews

The U.S. House of Representatives recently voted to end the 40-year-old ban on the export of domestic crude oil. The Senate will next consider the issue and President Obama has vowed to veto any bill that would end the ban. Read more

by: Lynn Kerr McKay and Bruce Hurley

A recent compendium of findings on the alleged harms of fracking and radon gas provides another opportunity for practitioners to emphasize the importance of using actual measurements rather than estimates to inform statements about risk. Past estimates were often unsupported or contrary to data, and generated artificial and inflated risks. Read more