Articles by Vera De Brito de Gyarfas

by: Kathryn Marietta, Jennifer Josefson and Vera De Brito de Gyarfas

Unlocking value in unconventional resources is even more important in today’s environment of depressed oil prices. Operators and service contractors are reassessing their relationships and fracking methods in an effort to maximize value.Read more

by: Cynthia AM Stroman, Vera De Brito de Gyarfas, Mona Katigbak, William Panlilio, Jennifer Josefson, Alexandra Rotar, Joelle Herschtel and Laura Chambon

The Paris Agreement on climate change will have varying impacts to its nearly 200 signatory countries. This article explores perspectives from regions around the world, including Latin America, Asia, Russia, the Middle East, the European Union, and North America.Read more

by: Vera De Brito de Gyarfas and Tomas Lanardonne

Vera de Gyarfas, a partner in King & Spalding’s Houston office, has co-authored the chapter Fiscal Regimes in the upcoming book Latin American Upstream Oil and Gas – A practical Guide to the Law... Read more

by: Monica Hwang and Vera De Brito de Gyarfas

The implementation of U.S. LNG export projects creates new opportunities for Latin American LNG buyers.Read more

by: Adrian Talamantes, Kenneth Culotta and Vera De Brito de Gyarfas

The Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos has issued the first call for bids under Round One and the terms and conditions governing the tender. CNH seeks to award 14 production-sharing contracts for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in 14 areas located in shallow waters offshore the States of Veracruz, Tabasco and Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico.Read more

by: Vera De Brito de Gyarfas and Santiago Fourcade

Argentina recently amended its hydrocarbons law to create incentives for foreign investment and boost the country’s conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons exploration and production. Read more

by: Tomas Lanardonne and Vera De Brito de Gyarfas

The increase of domestic gas obligations imposed by Host States in pipeline gas or LNG export projects has become a trend in the international gas industry.Read more

by: Tomas Lanardonne and Vera De Brito de Gyarfas

Although with caution, investors are responding to shale oil and gas projects in the "Vaca Muerta" play located in the Province of Neuquén.Read more

by: Vera De Brito de Gyarfas

In an attempt to foster investment in shale oil and gas, particularly in the Vaca Muerta formation, the Argentine government recently issued a new promotion regime for development activities in this "top five" country.Read more

by: Vera De Brito de Gyarfas

The Venezuelan government recently established a system to regulate the purchase of foreign currency by importers in the energy industry operating in the country.Read more