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by: Merrick White, Sylvia Taslim and Zoe Bromage

The Indonesian upstream sector continues to undergo significant legal and regulatory change. This article examines five of the most recent developments in the Indonesian upstream sector that affect Indonesian Production Sharing Contracts and their participating interest holders.Read more

by: Merrick White and Richard Nelson

King & Spalding advises Ramba Energy Limited on its farm-out of a 35% participating interest in the Lemang PSC to Mandala Energy and the farm-in of a 15% participating interest in the Lemang Block from Eastwin Global Investments Limited.Read more

by: Kathryn Marietta and Merrick White

Drilling contracts are at the core of upstream operational agreements. They come in many forms and are negotiated to varying degrees depending on the value of the contract, level of risk involved, and existence of regional forms that may dictate terms. Avoiding ambiguity, or silence, in the contract with respect to critical terms, will prevent misunderstandings and conflict should situations arise that require contract interpretation.Read more

by: Merrick White and David Phua (潘永光)

根据<>, 中国在2035年将成为全球最大的能源进口国,届时能源进口将超过欧洲。中国能源供应需求的预期增长、其利用更清洁与高效能源来源的计划以及液化天然气(LNG)和全球天然气市场的发展,为中国天然气消费拥有可观空间增长的看法,提供了强有力的依据。天然气进口量的增加很可能满足消费的增长。作为一个概述,本文章将探讨中国目前天然气消费与进口的状况、影响进口的供应与价格因素、进口增长的潜能以及LNG 和管道天然气各自提供的进口量。 [This is a Mandarin version of a previously published post titled, Natural Gas Imports into China – Prospects for Growth.] Read more

by: Merrick White and David Phua (潘永光)

A number of significant challenges confront the long term growth of the natural gas market in China. Nevertheless, both pipeline gas and LNG imports into China have favourable prospects for significant growth in the coming years.Read more

by: Merrick White and Sylvia Taslim

Frequently oil and gas are transported through or stored in facilities where they are commingled with the oil or gas of third parties. If a facility does not provide for the allocation of the oil or gas or if the allocation procedure is faulty, then what is the position at law? Who owns the oil or gas and in what proportions?Read more

by: Daniel Rogers, Merrick White and David Phua (潘永光)

随着亚洲LNG需求的日益增加,亚洲将继续作为世界的关键LNG市场是无庸置疑的。但是,亚洲LNG市场是否将大规模地转移至更高流动性的现货市场,因此在亚洲出现一个LNG 贸易枢纽的发展,目前未能确定。本文考虑亚洲贸易枢纽发展的必备因素,以及新加坡作为该枢纽的发展前景。 [This is a Mandarin version of a previously published post titled, Prospects for Development of an Asian LNG Trading Hub.] Read more

by: Daniel Rogers, Merrick White and David Phua (潘永光)

Given the scale of LNG imports into Asia and in light of the efforts of different Asian countries in developing their own LNG trading capabilities there is a possibility of not just one but multiple trading hubs within the region. Read more

by: Daniel Rogers and Merrick White

A properly constructed take-or-pay contract provides a seller with an assured revenue stream, is a form of contract that is generally understood by lenders, and is often the most important means for a seller to secure the substantial external debt financing on limited recourse terms that energy projects often require.Read more