Articles by Monica Hwang

by: Monica Hwang and Philip Weems

This article was published by Oil & Gas Journal in June 6, 2016.Read more

by: Philip Weems and Monica Hwang

LNG is now the most valuable physical “commodity” after crude oil. This article answers the top ten questions facing the LNG industry amid an oversupplied market.Read more

by: Monica Hwang and Vera De Brito de Gyarfas

The implementation of U.S. LNG export projects creates new opportunities for Latin American LNG buyers.Read more

by: Philip Weems and Monica Hwang

The only constant in the LNG industry again appears to be change – unpredictable change. The LNG supply and demand balance shifted in 2014 as LNG supply appears, at least temporarily, to have surpassed demand. Other conditions also seem favorable to LNG buyers as oil prices start the year at 50% of the level of a year ago and at least eight LNG export projects are scheduled to come on line just this year. Although the current focus is on oil price levels, the LNG industry is influenced by numerous other factors, from technological to political, and changes in a factor may affect the entire LNG market. This article examines some of the top questions that the LNG industry may face in 2015.Read more

by: Matt Salo, Kenneth Culotta and Monica Hwang

DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy suspended review and approval of all applications for export of LNG pending the completion of two studies on the impact of LNG exports on U.S. markets and gas prices. With those studies now complete, DOE has opened a public comment period on the pending export applications. Read more

by: Monica Hwang

As many U.S. LNG import terminals transition to bi-directional operations, they are likely to extend the use of port liability agreements to allocate ship-shore liability to their liquefaction operations. Read more

by: Monica Hwang and Matt Salo

The discovery of significant shale gas reserves and the development of the technology necessary to exploit them have solidified the United States’ role as a potential major LNG exporter.Read more