Articles by Kathryn Marietta

by: Carol Wood and Kathryn Marietta

Attracting more than 130 attendees from all over the country, King & Spalding’s first Energy Forum for 2017 held at the Houstonian Hotel in Houston tackled one of the most important issues facing the industry: Decommissioning and abandonment of oil and gas assets in upstream operations.Read more

by: Kathryn Marietta, Jennifer Josefson and Vera De Brito de Gyarfas

Unlocking value in unconventional resources is even more important in today’s environment of depressed oil prices. Operators and service contractors are reassessing their relationships and fracking methods in an effort to maximize value.Read more

by: Kathryn Marietta

A properly drafted Preliminary Agreement can provide a useful framework for structuring and negotiating a transaction. However, if not carefully drafted, a Preliminary Agreement can created unintended rights and obligations. Read more

by: Philip Weems and Kathryn Marietta

With dozens of LNG export projects proposed around the globe in a low oil price environment, it is essential that project sponsors today consider those attributes that facilitate a successful project. This article identifies the ten key attributes of a successful LNG export project.Read more

by: Kathryn Marietta

This article explores a few of the key attributes of a shared facilities agreement and key elements of such attributes. It also illustrates the complexities involved in an integrated LNG projects.Read more

by: Mark Wege, Kathryn Marietta, Edward Ripley and John Crespo

Volatile and unpredictable commodity markets present opportunities in the area of acquisition and divestiture. Industry participants face special considerations when buying and selling assets of companies experiencing financial distress. Read more

by: Kathryn Marietta and Merrick White

Drilling contracts are at the core of upstream operational agreements. They come in many forms and are negotiated to varying degrees depending on the value of the contract, level of risk involved, and existence of regional forms that may dictate terms. Avoiding ambiguity, or silence, in the contract with respect to critical terms, will prevent misunderstandings and conflict should situations arise that require contract interpretation.Read more

by: Kathryn Marietta

With North America being the region of current focus as a result of the many LNG export projects that have access to North America grid gas, third party LNG tolling is front and center.Read more

by: Kathryn Marietta

A tolling model has been used in several recent LNG export projects. Many variations can exist, so understanding decision points upfront will help bring definition to participants' objectives, and facilitate negotiations and preparation of project documentation.Read more