Articles by Kelsey Desloover

by: Bruce Richardson, David Tewksbury, Kelsey Desloover and Neil Levy

Two federal district courts hold that entities targeted by FERC enforcement actions who seek de novo review under the Federal Power Act are entitled to procedural due process rights of an ordinary civil action governed by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.Read more

by: Kelsey Desloover

Today's oil and gas exploration increasingly involves drilling deeper, increasing the likelihood of encountering elevated levels of naturally-occurring mercury in hydrocarbons found at these advanced depths. This drilling can lead to damage downstream from the wells in processing equipment. Read more

by: James Vines, Kelsey Desloover and Stephanie Salek

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review and related litigation impose delays and financial impacts on energy projects generally and present unique obstacles to project development.Read more

by: Jonathan Henry, Kelsey Desloover and Stephanie Salek

Proposed changes to BSEE’s safety and environmental management systems (SEMS) rule would eliminate program audits by operators’ employees and impose stringent requirements on who may qualify as an independent third-party auditor.Read more