Articles by Jeffrey Telep

by: Jennifer Josefson, Maya Melnikas, Alexandra Rotar, Christine Savage and Jeffrey Telep

U.S. led sanctions continue to pose an issue for companies looking to invest in Russia. This article explores the extension of sanctions and their potential impacts. Read more

by: Christine Savage, Jeffrey Telep, Mark Wasden, Jane Cohen and Shannon Doyle Barna

The recent nuclear deal with Iran establishes a framework for easing sanctions over time. However, the deal contemplates a deliberate process whereby U.S. sanctions would be lifted over time allowing U.S. companies to re-engage with Iran.Read more

by: Jeffrey Telep and Jasper Wauters

Government support plays a crucial role in the development of renewable energy sources, including wind and solar. Recently, two such government support programs were challenged before the World Trade Organization (“WTO”) as being discriminatory and in violation of the rules of the WTO Subsidies Agreement.Read more