Articles by Jeremiah Anderson

by: Jeremiah Anderson

Resolving a circuit split, the Texas Supreme Court held that trial courts have discretion whether to dismiss a lawsuit against a licensed professional with or without prejudice when a plaintiff fails to file a Certificate of Merit contemporaneously with its original petition.Read more

by: Benjamin Pollock and Jeremiah Anderson

Disputes often arise during the course of a construction project. The proper handling of these “in project” disputes is critical to advancing the project towards completion, preserving rights, and resolving these disputes.Read more

by: Jeremiah Anderson, William Burns and Eric Plourde

A recent Texas Supreme Court case concerning a failed methane exploration venture in Bulgaria holds that lost market value damages based on lost profits must be proven with the same “reasonable certainty” as claim for lost profit damages. Read more

by: Jeremiah Anderson, William Burns and Eric Plourde

The Texas Supreme Court holds that the business judgment rule does not affect a plaintiff’s standing in a derivative suit brought by the shareholder of a closely held Texas corporation; and a shareholder of a closely held Texas corporation has so-called “double-derivative” standing to bring suit on behalf of the corporation’s wholly-owned subsidiary.Read more

by: C. Brannon Robertson and Jeremiah Anderson

Larger companies or private equity groups often buy smaller companies by offering minority interests to owners. Buyers need to be wary of potential problems, especially when the new majority owner later decides to sell the purchased company.Read more