Articles by Christine Savage

by: Jennifer Josefson, Maya Melnikas, Alexandra Rotar, Christine Savage and Jeffrey Telep

U.S. led sanctions continue to pose an issue for companies looking to invest in Russia. This article explores the extension of sanctions and their potential impacts. Read more

by: Christine Savage, Jeffrey Telep, Mark Wasden, Jane Cohen and Shannon Doyle Barna

The recent nuclear deal with Iran establishes a framework for easing sanctions over time. However, the deal contemplates a deliberate process whereby U.S. sanctions would be lifted over time allowing U.S. companies to re-engage with Iran.Read more

by: Christine Savage, Iain MacVay, Mark Wasden, Jane Cohen, Sajid Ahmed, Shannon Doyle Barna and Clinton Long

In response to the continuing conflict in Ukraine, the United States and European Union have targeted Russia’s energy sector with a variety of sanctions.Read more

by: Christine Savage and Sephen Orava

The presentation provides a summary of key international trade compliance issues (sanctions, export controls, customs) and opportunities to use trade rules to address barriers or problems with current operations or market access. The presentation is tailored to those issues of particular relevance and interest to energy exploration and production companies.Read more

by: Christine Savage, Mark Wasden, Jane Cohen, Shannon Doyle Barna and Clinton Long

The U.S. government has implemented temporary and limited sanctions relief for certain Iranian industries, including the petroleum industry.Read more

by: Christine Savage, Mark Wasden, Jane Cohen and Shannon Doyle Barna

Since the easing of U.S. sanctions, the Burmese government has been actively seeking investors in its economy, particularly in the energy sector. Although U.S. persons may now engage in most transactions with Burma, caution should still be exercised as restrictions against dealings with the Government of Burma and leaders of the military junta remain. Read more

by: Christine Savage, Shannon Doyle Barna and Jane Cohen

The United States began the new year with more of the same with respect to its approach to containing Iran -- more sanctions. These new sanctions are likely to have a measurable impact on companies in various industries, but particularly in the energy sector. Below are recent developments of which energy companies should be particularly aware.Read more

by: Jane Cohen, Christine Savage and Shannon Doyle Barna

Over the past three years a series of new laws have continued to expand already restrictive U.S. sanctions programs by, among other things, expanding the extraterritorial reach of U.S. law. In particular, these new sanctions have a direct impact on the energy and petrochemical industries.Read more