Articles by Alexandra Rotar

by: Jennifer Josefson, Maya Melnikas, Alexandra Rotar, Christine Savage and Jeffrey Telep

U.S. led sanctions continue to pose an issue for companies looking to invest in Russia. This article explores the extension of sanctions and their potential impacts. Read more

by: Jennifer Josefson and Alexandra Rotar

Russia has established new procedures that allow for the transfer of a party’s interests under a long-term capacity supply agreement. This article addresses these procedures and provides insight on the Russian wholesale power and supply markets.Read more

by: Cynthia AM Stroman, Vera De Brito de Gyarfas, Mona Katigbak, William Panlilio, Jennifer Josefson, Alexandra Rotar, Joelle Herschtel and Laura Chambon

The Paris Agreement on climate change will have varying impacts to its nearly 200 signatory countries. This article explores perspectives from regions around the world, including Latin America, Asia, Russia, the Middle East, the European Union, and North America.Read more

by: Jennifer Josefson and Alexandra Rotar

In recent years the Russian Government has passed legislation and promoted investment in the Russian Far East. Most notably, Russia has established the Vladivostok Free Port and identified other territories for accelerated development, each receiving certain tax and other investment benefits. Read more

by: Olga Kozyr, Jennifer Josefson and Alexandra Rotar

С открытием Роснефтью больших запасов легкой нефти и газа на скважине Университетская-1 в Карском море, интенсивное развитие недропользования на Арктическом шельфе становится лишь вопросом времени.Read more

by: Olga Kozyr, Jennifer Josefson and Alexandra Rotar

After Rosneft’s recent discovery of substantial light oil and gas reserves at the Universitetskaya-1 well in the Kara Sea, regular development of subsoil on the Arctic shelf will become just a matter of time.Read more

by: William Rice, Alex Blomfield and Alexandra Rotar

Moscow hopes to spur on the development of renewable energy projects through a renewable energy capacity auction framework.Read more

by: Jennifer Josefson and Alexandra Rotar

Recent legislative actions open the door for LNG export by companies other than Gazprom, and may become a starting point for further dialog on the subject of Russian gas export liberalization.Read more

by: Jennifer Josefson and Alexandra Rotar

New amendments passed in September 2013 provide a tax framework necessary for the realization of offshore projects. They provide a legal basis for cooperation between Russian companies holding exploration and development licenses and other companies (including foreign companies) based on a modified risk service model.Read more

by: Alexandra Rotar and Jennifer Josefson

The last two years have seen a boom in Russian Arctic oil and gas development projects. New amendments to Russia's continental shelf body of law address concerns related to inherent risks involved in deep water development.Read more