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Where other firms treat project development as an adjunct to their corporate and finance practices, King & Spalding treats it as a core business. The complex bundle of activities required to turn an idea and a patch of dirt into a profitable production facility, is the firm’s specialty.Learn more

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by: Kelly Malone, Kevin Futch and Ji Nin Loh

While projects to export hydropower production may provide an attractive option to some countries, they also bring added risk when compared with domestic projects. These risks need careful consideration from all of the project stakeholders, including governments and utilities, to ensure project development and operation can proceed as planned.Read more

by: Denis Fallon, Kathryn Furman, Jeffery Malonson and Thomas Spulak

Attracting more than 100 attendees from all over the country, King & Spalding’s second Energy Forum for 2017 held at The Houstonian Hotel in Houston, addressed energy capital markets from the perspective of both private equity and public offerings.Read more

by: Carol Wood and Kathryn Marietta

Attracting more than 130 attendees from all over the country, King & Spalding’s first Energy Forum for 2017 held at the Houstonian Hotel in Houston tackled one of the most important issues facing the industry: Decommissioning and abandonment of oil and gas assets in upstream operations.Read more

by: Leroy Levy and Faris Al-Louzi

Much of the PPP debate in Saudi Arabia has focused on the importance of shifting the public sector expenditure burden to the private sector. Wherever this has been the sole focus of a PPP programme, the responsible government has struggled to achieve value for money. If public expenditure is the only concern, it is certainly possible to pass the responsibility to the private sector, but at what long term cost? The UK government’s PFI programme of the 1990s placed insufficient emphasis on value for money. This ultimately resulted in the termination of the programme. In other jurisdictions, ill-conceived projects resulted in the public sector desperately seeking to restructure deals in an attempt to secure value for money.Read more

by: Tim Burbury

District energy projects are on the rise across the world. This article explores ten best practices related to the tendering of these projects. Read more

by: Tim Burbury, Nabil Issa and Usman Ahmad

Islamic financing for renewable energy projects is expected to grow in the Middle East and North Africa regions. This article discusses certain key aspects of Islamic financing and how they may relate to the financing of large renewable energy projects.Read more

by: Rory Connor and Kenneth Culotta

Project financing is a challenge for nuclear projects. This article explores issues of construction risk, debt repayment from future revenues, and how small module reactors may help alleviate some of these issues. Read more

by: Tim Burbury and Timothy Smith

Public private partnerships may offer the solution for the Gulf Cooperation Council region’s challenges in financing and constructing new waste to energy projects.Read more

by: Mehdi Haroun and Nora Djeraba

Morocco is turning to LNG as it looks to further diversify its energy mix. This article explores the origin of Morocco’s national development plan for LNG in 2014, the main steps and intended schedule of this plan, and potential challenges.Read more

by: Philip Weems

Overview of the history and potential impact of North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa in LNG export and import projects, delivered at the King and Spalding Africa Oil and Gas Conference in Houston, Texas Read more